Wind in my face created by my own pedal power.

SFPR to Bridgeport and Back

Today, it was supposed to be non-rainy with rain starting tonight.  That didn’t happen.  Not much rain on the way in and none on the way home.  Was actually quite nice both ways, weatherwise.  I am working my way back up to doing Telosky Hill without stopping or dying doing my fish out of water impression.  Which, by… (read more)

To Fulford, To Ganges To Cycle Camp with a Hennessy Hammock, To Long Harbour and Back

Today, I leave for Ganges on Salt Spring Island and hopefully get to experience the Saturday market I’ve heard so much about.  I’m fully prepared – all my gear is packed and my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note (a tablet/phone combo) is my companion, with a couple of books and some magazines downloaded to… (read more)

Rain Thunder and Lightning

I had to wait for the rain to subside this morning, which it did just after 9 am!  A nice surprise to have the sun start showing up through all the greyness.  It eventually got to be a really nice day – warm and really muggy.  I ended up having to remove arm warmers and… (read more)


In my research online I have come upon a trail called the Central Valley Greenway, that runs from New Westminster to Vancouver, which is my goal for the summer to ride to Vancouver and hopefully back.  I have checked out and found some video and photos on Flickr, all dating back to 2009, but… (read more)